Youth Education Project
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Are you a young person who wants to live a more successful life and needs guidance in how to do it?

Our Purpose

Youth Education Project inspires and educates young people to live their best lives.

The Youth Education Project is a 6 week course giving young people an overview of life skills, career insights, entrepreneurship and business thinking. This is done through class instruction and facilitated peer to peer discussion.

Founded by Ramon Ray and Tim Ray, the project introduces youth to life and career principles and choices that will enable them to live their lives to their fullest potential.

The mindset of an entrepreneur is a powerful asset and discipline. Entrepreneurs take calculated risks, always seek to learn, appreciate good mentors, desire to give back to their communities and seek to build something greater than themselves.

Personal financial literacy is essential for successfully managing ones personal finances. This includes living below ones means, avoiding debt and investing for the future.

The more youth understand the importance of living a healthy life (body and mind), are introduced to money management, educated in how to have a career they love - the more successfully they'll be in life.

What is a successful life?

For everyone it is different.

Freedom from physical, mental or emotional abuse.

Earn more money.

A career you love or owning your own business.

Creating a life you're happy with.

Living life to your fullest potential.

Course Modules

  • Your Successful Life - overview of what it means to live life to your fullest potential.
  • Your Mindset - choices, personal responsibility, forgiving your past, family and community
  • Your Healthy Body - eating and exercise to maintain great health
  • Your Money - living within your means; freedom to budget; wealth building
  • Your Career - how does a corporation work; college; getting a job and advancing in the company
  • Business and Entrepreneurship - freedom to create what you want for who you want with whom you want

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How does it work?

  • Applicants apply to enroll in the 6 week, online, course.
  • Applicants are decided based on need and who we feel will commit to the entire course.
  • Accepted students attend one class per week (from 2 - 4 hours).
  • Courses are taught by Youth Education Project teachers and guests life and career experts.
  • Students must also complete weekly assigned homework.
  • At the conclusion of the course, each student earns a certificate of completion and grant of $500.

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ONLY use this form if you are inquire to apply for the program. For others, please contact us using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

If you're 16 - 25 years old seeking to learn how to live a successful life, committed to a six week course and you have not had the opportunity to learn life and career skills, request information about how to apply to the Youth Education Project.

We're looking for young people who are COMMITTED to attend each and every class and do the homework. Who have had to struggle more than others in life. Who've been challenged with day to day living expenses. Who have not been introduced to positive life and career experiences. Who want to be inspired and introduced to concepts they can use to live their life to the fullest.

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Tim Ray, entrepreneur and life coach; and Ramon Ray, entrepreneur and global speaker

Tim Ray
Ramon Ray

Tim's an entrepreneur and life coach who's career has spanned across Asia, Europe and North America. Through his courses and elite coaching, he's helped thousands of men build their confidence to live better lives. Tim's an accomplished illusionist and musician.

Ramon’s started four companies and sold two of them. He’s an in-demand event host, global speaker and best selling author. Ramon has testified to Congress, interviewed President Obama and was at the Global Entrepreneur Summit with Ivanka Trump. Read more about Ramon.

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Education is the pathway to success!


Youth Education Project is a personal passion and project of Ramon Ray and Tim Ray. At this time the Youth Education Project is NOT a non-profit organization, is not a federally registered 501c3 tax exempt organization. We're powered by the love of our founders and volunteer guest teachers.